I have worked with Mark for over 25 years and have found him to be one of the most talented trumpet players I have ever worked with. As the Principal Director of Music for the Royal Marines and Senior Military Musician in the country, I had to ensure that the best and most reliable players were part of my band, orchestra and ensembles. Mark was my ‘go to’ solo lead trumpet player who produced outstanding performances on every single occasion, either on the world stage or in the recording studio.

These included regular solo spots in the Royal Albert Hall at the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music and performing the solo in the finale of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tour to Australia and New Zealand. He lead the trumpet section for the TV broadcast of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and the stage orchestra for ITVs BAFTA winning live broadcast of the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor in 2016. Amongst his other notable achievements was his stunning lead trumpet playing at the world première of the acclaimed restored silent film The Battles of Coronel and
Falkland Islands at the 2014 London Film Festival, performed live.

Mark is an outstanding trumpet player and musician and I believe I am extremely fortunate to have worked with him for such a long time. He is someone I will always trust to deliver on the world stage and in the recording studio. He never fails to deliver.

Dr Nick Grace OBEPrincipal Director of Music Royal Marines 2009-2017

“I met Mark Upton for the first time in June 2012.
Within minutes of him testing out some of our trumpets I knew I was listening to a very special talent. I wanted do all I could to make sure that Mark was playing on EclipseTrumpets.
I was thrilled when Mark signed to us later that year.
In October 2016 I started working with Mark to produce his own artist model.
Initially our aim was to make the ultimate lead trumpet with amazing sizzle, response and projection, but with a wonderful core to the sound.
We have certainly achieved this, however we soon found this instrument to be so much more than just a lead horn.
Just like Mark, it’s versatility enabling it to cover any area of play is simply stunning.”

Leigh MckinneyEclipse Trumpets UK

“Mark Upton is one of the Great Trumpet Players of the 21st Century. He is among a rare, new breed of Trumpet Players, who have taken the world stage.”

Paul CaciaTrumpet Artist

“It has been my pleasure getting to know Mark Upton on a personal level. His ability as a trumpeter ranks him amongst the World’s best and has proven this over again. His command of the instrument is second to none. It is rare to find an individual who not only plays the trumpet at the level of a virtuoso but also understands and is able to communicate how to become a virtuoso. This aptly describes my friend Mark Upton.”

Larry MeregillanoAuthor of ‘A Trumpet Legacy’

“Mark Upton is one of the best trumpet players I have worked with in the industry. Professional, talented, all around top guy. Would hire him again in a heartbeat.”

Jana OgleyBand Leader, Warner Leisure Hotels

“My Introduction to Marks playing came when I heard him play Lead trumpet as part of the Orchestra in the Live performance of my Film Score Commission in London. During rehearsals it became obvious that Mark was a formidable talent, equally in classical and jazz and fully on point under pressure. As a composer it was a pleasure to work with a trumpet player so dependable and soulful.”

Simon DobsonComposer